Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Daily Grind

Well. It's official.

I am a food storin' Mormon mama.

We made our first cannery purchase and now have a small supply of wheat, pinto beans, and rice. It's a nice feeling to know that there is something stored if times get bad. Now begins the culinary education of Amanda!

Tonight I made whole wheat griddle cakes with wheat that I ground myself. Seriously. My self-reliant awesomeness even used canned milk. I was pleasantly surprised at my blender's grinding abilities after determining the maximum amount of red wheat kernels my K-Tek can manage (I ended up putting more than I should have in the blender initially but realised that about a cup and a half is just enough to keep everything moving.) I also separated the egg whites from the yolks and beat them stiff. After Carly got over her shock of me turning over the bowl of whites and them not falling out, she helped me fold them into the batter. I usually try to stay away from all things "whole wheat" but was pleasantly surprised with the nutty flavor of the wheat. The pancakes were great!

After renaming them "Pioneer Pancakes" the kids dug in. Natalie ate four, as did Ryan. Carly ate a modest three and Aubrey enjoyed quite a few nibbles. And Mom is quite proud of herself!