Thursday, January 29, 2009

All about Amanda

Twenty-five random tidbits...

1. I am wondering if I am interesting enough to come up with 25 things of note.

2. I rarely finish anything I start.

3. I lose my temper really quickly and yell yell YELL.

4. I am thinking about working on #3

5. I am an Oregonian.

6. I have caffeine issues.

7. Today I got called out by my seven year-old for hardly ever eating breakfast.

8. I love to bake.

9. I am excited to learn Latin.

10. I am making Aubrey a quilt for her first birthday and one for Caroline for her eighth birthday. (Two months to go for the first, eleven months for the latter.)

11. Spelling really matters to me - it eats me alive to know that I have published something with a misspelled word.

12. My father was a truck driver. He died when I was three.

13. My step-father was a truck driver turned chiropractor. He lives in McKinleyville.

14. I painted a chalkboard on my living room wall and my kitchen is my classroom.

15. I am REALLY bad about folding and putting away laundry.

16. I was wearing combat boots with a dress when I met my husband. He still makes fun of me.

17. I like Raffi and R.E.M. and Ryan Adams.

18. I despise ventriloquists with their creepy puppets.

19. I used to sell my toys to my sister and then tell my mom that she took them.

20. I am sorry for ALL the times I was a creep to those I love.

21. I love the Deadliest Catch and can't wait for the new season to start.

22. I panic at the dentist.

23. I will never have enough books for my kids.

24. I've only taken one trip on an airplane.

25. See #2

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