Saturday, January 24, 2009

Beauty School

While I was blissfully chatting away at playgroup, Natalie decided to cut LARGE CHUNKS of her hair off. (No need to be alarmed - that is ink on her arm!)
In the car on the way home, we looked a little like this:

After a trip to the mall and a shiny quarter for a bribe to sit still, we emerged like this:
After a trip to Auntie's house to fix the butchering from the mall, we looked like this:
(She thinks she looks like Kate!

After a long, emotional day and way too many pictures, we looked like this:

Lessons learned:
1. Natalie needs to be constantly supervised.
2. Just have Auntie Sam fix it next time. Save $15 bucks.

1 comment:

Kelly said...

Great job! Love your captions. She still looks cute and her hair will probably grow out soon if you want to have it long again.